Shipping Policy

Spain (peninsula), Andorra* & Portugal

Shipments in 24/48h.

Free for orders >130€

* All shipments to Andorra has increased 26,05€ + IVA for customs office.

Orders under 130€:

Weight (Kg) Shipping costs (€)
0-2 6,50
2-5 9
5-10 11
10-15 13
15-20 15,50
20-25 18
25-30 20,5
30-35 22,5
35-40 25

Balearic Islands

Shipments in 24/48h

Weight (Kg) Shipping costs (€)
1 8,50
2 11
3 14
4 16,50
5 21
6 28,50
7 31
8 33,50
9 36
10 38
11 43
12 45,50
13 48
14 50,50
15 53
16 58
17 60,50
18 63
19 65
20 67,50
21 74,50
22 77
23 79,50
24 82
25 84
26 91,50
27 94
28 96,50
29 99
30 101,50

Canary Islands

Shipments in 3/4 days.

* All shipments to Canary Islands has increased 31,80€ + IVA for customs office.

Weight (Kg) Shipping costs (€)
1 12
2 15,50
3 22
4 25,50
5 29
6 35
7 39
8 42
9 46
10 49,50
11 55,50
12 59
13 62,50
14 66
15 70
16 76
17 79,50
18 83
19 87
20 90
21 98,50
22 102
23 105,50
24 109
25 113
26 121
27 125
28 128,50
29 132
30 135,50

Free shipping over 130€

For all orders to Spain (peninsula), Andorra, Portugal, Gibraltar.

Payment methods

We accept:

  • Credit Card.
  • Paypal (Paypal platform accepts too American Express)
  • Bank Transfer
  • Pay on deliver (Increase 3%)

Refund & Returns Policy

We work hard to make sure that our products doesn’t need to be sent back to us due to warranty reasons. We know how annoying are the manufacturing defects, so our goal is to examine and solve the claims as soon as possible. Here we invite you to check our warranty policy:

Our policy does not affect your legal rights

CorMax Fitness Spain does not provide warranty about problems or damages caused due to an incorrect use, like not taking care of it or using it for something which isn’t prepared to.
CorMax Fitness Spain does not warranty the normal erosion or breaking of the material due to the time and the normal erosion of using it. So the deterioration caused by material fatigue defined as the natural breakdown of materials that occurs with prolonged use will not be covered under warranty.
Once you receive the product, you have 30 days to send it back if you are not satisfied with that product notifying it to the mail .To send the product back you must prepare everything and assume the cost of the transport with the MRW company. The address where you must sent the product is: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Make sure to include a letter with your name, contact, the shopping reference and the invoice. Once received and checked the product we will contact you to inform and proceed with the money refund.
If the product breaks due to a manufacturing defect, all the CorMax Fitness exercise products have 1 year warranty.
Any product repaired or changed under warranty is covered by the resting time of the original product.
The use of the products in competitions, events, or any different activity for which de CorMax Fitness equipment have been designed, will reduce the product life and it won’t be covered by the warranty.
Always install, repair and use the product following the instructions written by the manufacturer; if you don’t do it, the product can break and it won’t be covered by warranty.

How can I proceed to claim the warranty?

All the products bought in CorMax Fitness Spain are covered under warranty. The Warranty covers the manufacturing defects. If you think your product can have a problem, please, contact us before to send it back, we might solve the problem without you need to send it back.
To solve your claim as soon as possible, pleas:
Send us a mail to notifying us the problem, with some photos of the product, the shopping reference number and the invoice.
Todos los productos adquiridos en CorMax Fitness Spain están cubiertos bajo garantía. La garantía cubre defectos de fabricación y defectos de una mala mano de obra. Si consideras que tu artículo tiene algún fallo, por favor, contacta con nosotros antes de devolver el producto – podríamos resolver tu problema sin que tengas que pagar gastos de envío.
We will contact you to explain how to proceed. Please, be honest, we will do as much as possible to solve the problem you have. We want you to be happy.

Will my claim be solved satisfactory?

It depends on the problem it have and if it is in the warranty period. We check all the claims to can solve them satisfactory. Our team checks the product and repairs it. Sometimes we might need to send it back to the factory for reparation or change.

How much time can it take to check my claim?

We do all our efforts to solve the warranty claims as soon as possible, we know you wanna use your product. If we can solve the problem we will do it. If we must send it back to the factory it can take more time. Please, be patient, we work hard to solve your claim.