1. General use and acceptance terms

1.1. The here present General Terms of Use have the finality to regulate the layout of information and emergent commercial relations between Entrenaments Funcionals, S.L. (from now on, “CORMAXFITNESS”), and the USERS from (from now on “Web Site”).

1.2. Once you surf the web site, you become a USER and, you do totally accept the present General Terms of Use.

1.3. CORMAXFITNESS won’t be responsible, neither indirect nor subsidiary, about the damages of any nature derived from the using of the website opposed to the General Terms of Use.

1.4. CORMAXFITNESS will be able at any moment and without any previous notice, to modify the present Terms of Use, by the publication of that modifications at the website so they can be known by the USERS.

2. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

2.1. The present website, including the title, the programmation, the edition, compilation, design, logotip, images, text and graphics, are property of CORMAXFITNESS, and they are protected by the national and international rules about intellectual property. The access to the website does not give any property right to the USER.

2.2. If in that website, you see any kind of content which can vulnerate the property intellectual rights, we beg you to let CORMAXFITNESS know as fast as possible sending a mail to

3. Civil responsibility

3.1. CORMAXFITNESS will answer to the damages that the USER can suffer by using the website if those damages are directly caused because the utilization of the website if those damages are directly attributed to a negligent behavior of CORMAXFITNESS and during the action of the USER do not converge to negligence. Will never exist, a negligent action by CORMAXFITNESS once it proves that has accomplished the demands and requirements established by legal way, and so the rest of the attentions and diligencies requested by the nature of the service.

3.2. CORMAXFITNESS does not control, the website utilization that USERS can do. Actually CORMAXFITNESS does not guarantee in any case, that USERS use the website and the tools agreed to the law, the present Terms of Use, the moral, and the good habits generally accepted and the public order, either they do in a diligent and carefully way.

3.3. In the supposed case that the website have links or hyperlinks to other internet sites, CORMAXFITNESS will not have any control abou those sites and contents. In any case, CORMAXFITNESS will assume any responsibility related to the content from any link from another website, neither will guarantee the technical disposition, quality nor veracity of any material or information from the hyperlinks or other websites.

4. Liability Disclamer

4.1. CORMAXFITNESS does not guarantee that service executes without interruptions or error free. CORMAXFITNESS does not guarantee that website and the server are virus free and is not responsible about the possible damages coming from the interferences, omissions, interruptions, informatic virus, disconnections from the operative system if those are motivated for external agents from CORMAXFITNESS.

4.2. The USER have the responsability to adopt all the good possible technical tools to control the risk and avoid damages to their technical equipment, data loss or confidential information stol. So, USERS must have actualized systems to detect dangerous software like virus, troyans, etc,. and so to have the security components actualized according to the used browser.

4.3. CORMAXFITNESS does compromise to do their best to avoid any mistake on the website content. In all the cases, CORMAXFITNESS will be exempt about any responsability coming from eventual mistakes on the website content.

5. USERS duty

By way of example, and in any case limiting or excluding, the user compromises to:

5.1. Not introduce, save, or share to or from the website, any defamatory, offensive, obscene, threatening or xenophobic information, which could tease violence or discrimination for race, sex, ideology or religious reason, or that could attempt against the moral, public order, basic rights, public freedom, honor, intimity or third image, and generally, the current law.

5.2. Not to introduce, save or share to or from the website, any content which could transgress the intellectual property rights, communication secrets or the personal data protection legislation.

5.3. Not to introduce, save, or share using the website, any computer program, data, virus, code, hardware or telecommunications equipment or any other instrument or electronic or physical tool liable to cause damage to the website, to any USER, or to the CORMAXFITNESS suppliers, or generally to a third party, or avoid their normal work.

5.4. Not to destroy, change, use by they own, make useles, ruin data, information, programs or electronical documents from CORMAXFITNESS, their suppliers or a third party.

5.5. It’s totally forbidden to use deep links, page scrape, robots, spiders, or other automatic programs, algorithms, methods or similar manual process to access, get, copy or follow the website or his content to get or try to get material, documents or information unaccessible without the website.

5.6. It’s totally forbidden to explore, scan or evaluate the vulnerability from the website or any net connected to that one, as well as to break the security measures or the authenticity from the website or any other net connected to that one.

It’s not allowed to track or search for users, website visitors or other CORMAXFITNESS clients data, including other USERS accounts. It’s niether allowed to explore in anyway the website from any other service or available information or offer from that website with the purpose to use the information, including the personal identification or the information which isn’t the same provided by the website.

5.7. The USER accepts not to do any action which can saturate unnecessarily on the website infrastructure or in the systems or CORMAXFITNESS nets, as well as the systems and the connected nets to the website or to CORMAXFITNESS.

6. Data protection

6.1. According to the Organic Law 15/1999, about Personal Data Protection, the personal data got by CORMAXFITNESS, will be introduced to an automated file with they own responsibility to can manage the command and send offers about other products, services, promotions, new staff and more information about CORMAXFITNESS which can be interesting for the USER.

6.2. In case the USER does not want to receive commercial communications by e-mail, can talk at any moment to CORMAXFITNESS by writing to Moreover, the USER have the guarantee to can use his access, cancel, approval and opposition rights by sending a letter to the next address: C/Pare Nolasc del Molar, 4 Olot Girona 17800 and adding a ID copy.

6.3. Meanwhile the opposite isn’t communicated, we will understand that USER data hasn’t been changed. USER is compromised to communicate to CORMAXFITNESS any change on his personal data.

7. Minors

Generally, to can use the services offered by the website, minors must got a previously authorisation from their parents or legal representatives, which will be responsible about all the activities done by using the website.

In the services warned or determined by law, access will be restringed only and exclusively to the majority age people.

8.Duration and Finishing

Goods selling, service benefits and website content have an undefined finishing. With no damage on it, TRAVEL2MOVE it’s allowed to finish, end or stop the website and/or any of their services at any moment and without previous notice needed.

9. Applied Law and jurisdiction

All the related questions to the TRAVEL2MOVE website are regulated by the Spanish Laws and obey the jurisdiction from the competents Courts and Tribunals of Griona (Spain)