Core work

trabajo-de-core-cormax-fitnessWith the CorMax range, most of the exercises will challenge all your core muscles.
As soon as you exercise with any of the CorMax range the sloshing of water pulls and pushes you in every direction igniting your stabilising & core muscles instantly and working them to the max.
Actually the less water you have in the CorMax products the harder they are to control.Conversely the more water the heavier they become and more stable. So it’s up to you.

Functional training

Functional training it’s the training to everyday life. So the movements are really close to the human body requirements. It’s a good training for anyone, from high performance athletes till people who just wants to stay fit and healthy
The Commander, Torpedoes, Grenades and AQA Balls are an ideal way to get stronger and fitter in a functional way.
Your whole body has to move the unstable weight or to keep water under control.
This trains not only your major muscle groups, but all those muscle you forget to exercise and which ones are so important to keep you away from injuries.
Have fun getting functionally fit with CorMax Commander, Torpedoes, Grenades and AQA Balls

Improve your Strength, Power and Stability in many sports

When you use the CorMax Commander, Torpedoes 1 & 2, Grenades and AQA Balls you will feel the destabilising forces coming from those products and not from the ground as it normally happens when we talk about instability. This is much better, more specific and functional, because in most of the sports situations, the athlete has to act in a highly challenging environment with impact or contests from many directions.
So the CorMax Commander, Torpedos, Grenades and AQA Balls can be the ultimate sparring partner in many sports such rugby, football, basketball, volleyball tennis, golf, canoeing, gymnastics, judo… as you can mimic many of the movements required in these sports.

Injury prevention

We’ve been talking about the greatness of the stabilization challenge that CorMax products produces to your muscles. That’s perfect when we talk about injury prevention because you are working stabilizing muscles which most of the times we don’t take care because are smaller muscles which ones we do not appreciate externally although they are so important to prevent injuries.

Posture & Balance

You can use the CorMax products to improve and develop a better balance, and it will make you improve your coordination, athletic skill and posture as well. It will make you feel better while you are competing in any sport or just in your daily life.

Who is using Cormax?

Young people

CorMax training is a good way to introduce the physical activity and healthy habits to children, so they can enjoy the benefits of a workout by using games and circuit sessions. Weights can be really low so they can practice the technique without any problem. All the products are soft and safe to use and you can use them in many different ways so the children can have a fun workout.


CorMax Equipment allows senior to exercise greatly and improve their strength and general fitness. It doesn’t matter your goal, you can get any goal by using the products with more or less water, standing up on them or lifting them.

Gyms – Crossfit and Functional Training

cormax-kit-viajeCrossfit and Functional Training Gyms is all the rage. CorMax products allows you to add variety to your circuit training. All your exercises will change by using the different products with different quantity of water. You can train with different kind of people according to their level.
So if you like to train hard you are challenged with products like “The Beast”. You will need many sessions to control “The Beast”. Moreover, high intensity sessions are guaranteed with any CorMax product. It depends on how you use it.
Fortunately you can train easily with all the products by filling them with less water. For sure they will challenge you in many ways at any time at any moment and you will keep improving.

Personal trainers

Personal trainers will take advantage of the CorMax products so they clients will enjoy training while improving. You get many options like using the commander as a bench. With just 5 different products you can increase or decrease the weight so easily and the range of different exercises increase exponentially, so the improvements will be even better.


CorMax equipments are really useful for Physiotherapists to improve the rehabilitation process of their patients. The Commander, Granades, Torpedos and AQA Balls allows physiotherapists to exercise their injured patients with low weight and. Moreover the unpredictable water movement make the little stabilizing muscles much stronger to protect joints and injured areas. So the recuperation is much better and so the probability of get injured again are lower.